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5 Features To Look For To Get A More Secure Front Door

Unlocking door with a key

Now that the interconnectivity craze is at its peak, everyone is looking for smart locks and advanced security systems you can control by smartphone. While some of these features are well worth the cost, there are far more common and old-fashioned safety features that are much more valuable.

Trying to make the most of every dollar you spend on a new front door? Make sure the door you choose has at least these five features to give you maximum security at the best price.

Cylinder Guards

The lock on the doorknob should be one of the most secure points of your home's entryway, but it's all too often a weak point inviting a burglar to give the door a kick or chop at it. Installing metal cylinder guards around the lock can prevent a well-placed blow with a crowbar from opening your front door while you're not home.

Aside from cylinder guards, consider strike plates to surround your doorknob, lock, and deadbolt. These plates reinforce the door and the locks to prevent brute force attacks aimed at any of these parts of the entry system.

Solid Core

No matter what kind of style or color you choose for your front door, make sure it's constructed with a solid core. Wood doors should be made from solid boards and not veneers over foam. Metal doors are popular, but they can be heavy and require routine painting to look their best.

Solid core doors are the most resistant to all forms of damage. Pair this kind of door with reinforced locks, and you won't have to worry about brute entry through the front door at least. Don't forget all of your exterior doors should stick to the same standard of security or burglars will just look for the easiest way in.

Metal Frame

Don't feel like a full metal door, but still want a reinforced installation with enhanced security? Try a metal door frame and mount any other type of door you prefer to it. Metal door frames are attached to the wall studs with extra long screws or bolts to make sure deadbolts, and other locks have a strong point of attachment.

Metal frames are heavy and require extra installation steps. You'll need professional installation to make sure it fits your chosen door with proper support from the surrounding structure. This is especially true if you're installing custom locks and deadbolts that need modification of the frame.

Security Hinge

The style of hinge used on the door determines the safety of the door when you're dealing with experienced professionals. The hinges absolutely must install on the inside of the frame and not the exterior. Exterior mounted hinges must feature pins, locking screws, and other safety features to prevent break-ins. It's best to avoid exterior mounted hinges altogether for your front door since most door models feature interior hinges.

Strong Deadbolt

Finally, you can choose to add nearly any deadbolt you like to most doors with pre-cut openings. Look for a deadbolt with a minimum bolt length of 1 inch. Longer bolts are even more secure, but you'll need to drill deeper into the frame to make space for it. These locks are rated by their strength, and you'll want at least a Grade 1 or 2 rated deadbolt for the most visible and accessible door.

There are plenty of attractive exterior doors available for us here at Hull's Nor Cal Window & Door Inc. that fit all of the requirements listed above and more. Don't let your front door put your home at risk when you have a new and secure front door installed with our professional service.