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5 Reasons to Consider Copper Clad Windows

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Shopping for new windows requires you to consider more than just the frame material. Regardless of whether you choose aluminum, wood, or vinyl frames, you can choose to have the frame material clad in a layer of copper. Copper was once one of the most popular materials for finishing windows, and it's quickly regaining favor.

So why should you choose copper clad windows for a new home or a window replacement project? These five benefits are sure to win you over to this unique and special kind of window construction.

1. Salt Compatibility

First, copper cladding makes windows surprisingly resistant to damage from salt spray. Almost every other material used for window frame construction, aside from plain vinyl, becomes damaged from salt exposure unless you recoat the frames every year or every other year. Even careful maintenance can fail to completely prevent rot or corrosion.

If you're located near the coast, copper cladding can help your windows last as long as possible with little routine maintenance. You don't need to be on a beachfront property to benefit because salt can be carried on the wind dozens of miles inland to shorten the lifespan of those new windows.

2. Low Maintenance

All windows require some kind of maintenance, but adding a layer of copper over the surface greatly reduces the work required. Copper naturally forms its own protective coating knows as a patina. If you don't like the look of a natural patina, you can have a patina applied with oils and other products to keep the copper looking exactly as you like it.

Natural patinas need practically no treatment, and manual patinas also last for decades with basically no attention from you or a window professional. Compare this to painting wood windows every few years or cleaning and coating metal frames to prevent them from corroding.

3. Historical Significance

Copper clad windows were popular for many decades starting in the 19th century, so they're commonly found on many historic homes and buildings. If you're trying to restore the building with an accurate look or are required to do so by a preservation society, a copper touch might help. You'll be happy to know that copper cladding can be combined with metal or vinyl frames for the look you need combined with the durability of modern materials.

4. Visual Appeal

You don't need a home dating back to the turn of the century just to enjoy the unique beauty offered by copper windows. Between the patina options and the soft gleam of polished metal, copper clad windows are some of the most beautiful types of windows available for installation today.

The copper sheet material used to cover the frames can also be shaped, fluted, and stamped to create architectural details without the high cost of actually shaping the underlying frames. Your custom windows will also be built faster since shaping sheet metal takes relatively little time for experienced builders with the right equipment.

5. Fire Resistance

The primary reason for the original development of copper clad windows was to add fire resistance to wood windows. While there are many other materials available today that also offer fire resistance, choosing copper cladding will still result in a safer home. This may not be the primary reason for you to choose these kinds of windows, but it is an important secondary benefit that you should highlight when reselling the home.

Hull's Nor Cal Window & Door Inc. offers copper and bronze clad windows that are customized to your exact specifications. These types of windows are not widely produced anymore, but we still specialize in making them for homeowners who want the beauty and durability of copper.