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Everything You Need to Know About Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows can be a big advantage in places where noise is common, like near highways and freeways, on main streets, near construction sites, and in apartments above night clubs, bars, or restaurants. A good soundproof window can help a homeowner or a renter to sleep well at night.

If you're a homeowner or a landlord in a noisy neighborhood, you should know about soundproof windows.

What Are Soundproof Windows?

Soundproof windows are windows that can block as much as 95% of the sound outside. Soundproof windows block different types of sounds depending on the frequency. High frequency sounds (like car alarms) are easier to block than low frequency sounds (like rumbling from a train).

How Do Soundproof Windows Work? 

Wooden frames for soundproof windows are cut against the grain to prevent vibrations from traveling through the wood and into the home. The clear part of the window, which is made from either glass or plastic, is also specially glazed to absorb sound. Air between the panes of glass also helps absorb sound.

Are Normal, Double-Paned Windows Soundproof?

Normal, double-paned windows have some ability to deaden the sound outside, but the most soundproof windows are those that are specifically designed to be soundproof.

Do Soundproof Windows Improve Your Home's Resale Value?

If a home is located in a noisy area, soundproof windows may help boost the home's resale value. Especially if the home is in a desirable area that just happens to be noisy, like a popular part of town with many restaurants, soundproof windows enable home occupants to enjoy the benefits of that neighborhood without being negatively affected by the noise.  

Can You Make Windows Soundproof Without Replacing the Windows?

You can make your home more soundproof without replacing the windows. For a homeowner or a renter on a budget, these solutions can help.

Seal the Cracks

Sound enters the home through the cracks between the window and the window frame. Seal the cracks by installing weather stripping tape on the underside of the window trim to help reduce sound. This window tape often needs to be replaced on a regular basis, as it will start to crack or lose its adhesive qualities over time.

Install an Acoustic Barrier

An acoustic barrier can be a board or a pad that is designed to fit inside the window frame and fill the spaces around the window. Acoustic barriers can either be purchased online or can be homemade from acoustic padding. Acoustic barriers are not the most attractive option, but they do help reduce sound. These barriers can also be installed at night and removed during the day.

Install Sound Reducing Curtains

Any heavy curtains you install will help reduce sound. Even standard light-blocking curtains can help reduce noise. However, sound can escape between the cracks in standard curtains, which can reduce their effectiveness.

Sound reducing curtains are designed to stop sound from entering the home and are the most effective product for this task. These curtains are a single sheet that unrolls over the window and block sound by creating a tight barrier between the window frame and the curtain itself.

What Can You Do If You Want Soundproof Windows?

If you're a homeowner who wants soundproof windows to be installed, the best thing you can do is to contact a reputable window installer to get quotes for window installation. Contact multiple window installers to get the best deal possible.

For more information about soundproof windows, contact Hull's Nor Cal Window & Door Inc. We're happy to answer any questions you might have about windows, window soundproofing, and new window installation.